BHiveLab Has Quickly Evolved Into Digital Product Development Experts.

Founded as an innovation lab, we are driven by the passion for great User Experience Design. Whether your need is a proof of concept, prototype development, or a full life-cycle product development effort, we've got demonstrated success in bringing digital platforms to market for our clients, as well as for ourselves.

Launch: 18,352... Days?

Why do we spend so much time and resources on R&D and future- looking prototypes? So that we can cut our teeth (i.e., fail miserably)? More like, so that by the time the tech hits mainstream, our teams know their '$%#@.' Here’s what’s in the works now.


Prototypes & Pilots

Anyone can read about how proximity and hyper-local geo targeting will transform content delivery at retail experiences. But it's another thing to dig under the hood and get your hands dirty with the latest technology. We're building beacon-driven prototypes, and mashing them up with other emerging platforms like mobile couponing, social shopping, and in-store co-viewing.

Intelligent Shelf

Prototypes & Pilots

Partnering with top R&D firms like Intel are critical to our focus on what the retail experience will soon look like. We've developed numerous hands-on prototypes that feature gender recognition, crowd analysis, and real-time, relevant digital content. Imagine driving specific offers based on real-time data analysis and gender recognition.

Internet of Things

Prototypes & Pilots

We're 'all in' on the Internet of Things as demonstrated by our IoT platform OBJCTIFY™. Check out our food sensor that automatically sends empty items to your shopping list. Why do we spend our time building this kind of stuff? Because we learn a ton, it's fun, and because we can.

Oculus Rift

R & D

Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion dollars. They also just announced a new Oculus research facility in Pittsburgh. That should tell you everything there is to know if you’re still doubting the future of virtual reality. The market will be massive (it’s predicted to reach $150 billion by 2020), and we’ve made a big investment in equipment and prototypes since early 2015. For instance, this example captures an interactive operating room that we created for one of our clients.


R & D

Augmented Reality apps can certainly be fun and engaging, but they can also help solve business problems. As one of the first Layar developers and an early adopter of Aurasma-based technology, our team has developed dozens of AR projects and prototypes that illustrate how we can use technology like this to blur the lines between real-life images, and digital content. Looking to use AR to sell more product? Or to educate your customers? Get in touch and we’ll show you ways that AR can help.

Deep Neural Network

Prototypes & Pilots

Can we teach computers how to “learn” what creative will work best over time by feeding it all of our creative executions and results data? What if we can teach machines how financial markets might react based on social media data? BHiveLab is beginning to explore this exciting field and how we might apply it to our industry or our clients. Our environment is up and running, so if you have an idea of something you’d like to explore, give us a buzz and we’d be happy to help.


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