BHiveLab Can Help You Get To Market, Faster.

Every business is unique, but one thing that every startup shares is the need for speed. We don't provide financing, but we will invest our best and brightest resources in your digital idea. That includes seasoned MBAs and brand strategists to help you with business planning and positioning. We also have the creative thinkers, designers, and developers (front end and back end) to move your idea from concept to commercialization.


Idea Idea

1 / Idea

You wouldn’t have come to us if you didn’t already have a killer idea. But if you’re in this stage of the process, we can help you refine the idea, size your market, or even bring the idea to life as you seek funding.

Prototype Prototype

2 / Prototype

Your resources are limited, but nothing describes an idea better than actually seeing or touching it. Our nimble approach can help you cost effectively visualize your idea for web, mobile, or even POS.

Alpha Alpha

3 / Alpha

Shifting gears into business-building mode is a big step. Our companies can leverage our infrastructure and technology know-how to start building a customer base.

Beta Beta

4 / Beta

Gaining early and real customer feedback is a critical phase. We’ve built large beta customer databases for ourselves and found the feedback invaluable. Find out how we can help you reach your customers.

Momentum Momentum

5 / Momentum

BHiveLab has a unique benefit of being part of a full-services marketing communications agency at BRUNNER. Our brand, strategy and communications planning teams can help you build a scalable plan that drives your business revenue.


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